Laura Hildebrand – Unbroken
Uncategorized / March 18, 2017

So am I broken, or did I just not get it? Louis Zamperini was an amazing guy, and his story is truly remarkable. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this book would never make a bestseller, let alone a top 100 list, if readers were a bit more demanding. Don’t get me wrong. Laura did a wonderful job and spent a lot of time collecting information about the typical American hero. And she put it quite nicely (though it could be done better), and some passages, like when Louis encounters a moment of magic and revelation on the ocean, which (he believed) was a sign from God, you may struggle to hold back the tears. Nevertheless, I can’t avoid thinking that the book is excessively long, and many part are boring. And there’s something more why I just don’t like it.   Childhood and lot of useless information You can definitely get bored to death until the action starts. I’m in no way interested in a child of an American kid, how he stole stuff, made problems in school, and all the rest. Then his athletic career, which makes somehow sense, but could be easily crammed in one page instead of twenty….