Jon Krakauer – Into the wild
Uncategorized / April 11, 2017

A truly free spirit, an idealist, or a fool? One can easily label Christopher McCandless with any of those names, knowing nothing more than what the news of his disappearance and death in the wilderness of Alaska said. But once you read the book of Jon Krakauer, which depicts the portrait of McCandless very sensitively, you certainly won’t call him a fool. Chris’s story left many question marks, and no one else but Jon Krakauer, famous for his former story Into Thin Air, decided to answer those question marks for good. Why did he decide to go for the project? I think that Krakauer saw a bit of himself in McCandless’s personality, or perhaps a person he’d like to be (in certain way). This natural connection (or attraction if you want) left him no other option than researching about his story and eventually writing the book. I am definitely happy he’d taken that decision!   A warning finger for society Smart, successful, from a good family, with a great perspective for the future. The world as we knew it was at McCandless feet. He could have followed the way many of us would wish to follow–a path of prestigious education…

Matej Valuch – University of Solitude
Uncategorized / April 2, 2017

A tough ordeal, or a ‘blessing’? how do you feel when hearing expressions solitude? I think for most people it refers to a state of existence they prefer not to experience. Well, that’s definitely not my case. I am a lonely wolf and I had always been one.

University of Solitude is no easy read. If you tend to go very emotional when reading, and imagine things you see just on the pages of the book, it’s likely not for you. But if you like to think, and aren’t afraid of confronting your opinions and attitudes, than this true inspirational story about a young businessman who got imprisoned in Iran, and seemingly lost all that could be lost, is a good choice for you.

Michael Newton – Journey of Souls
Uncategorized / March 30, 2017

The success Newton achieved with his book tells us a lot about human nature, about our basic desires and fears. We are all afraid of death, hoping something else will follow once the worms eat our body. Christians and Muslims go for a place called Heaven, where they’ll strive and enjoy the perfect state of existence for ever and ever. While their teachings still gain popularity in many parts of the world, in developed countries they rather lose their positions and power. Nevertheless, even the most firm atheists wish (though they may never admit it) that death wouldn’t mark the end of their existence. Then there are many seekers, or people who just don’t know what’s going to happen, and the agnostics…. We all have something in common–we hope that our life here is pursued by something else. And clever guys like Michael Newton turn our basic desire to a money-making business.   Book of fairy-tales, lacking any substantial studies Newton book is nothing more than a collection of his personal opinions. You won’t find other materials to support his claims of ‘soul qualification’, and how they return to Earth ever again. But he writes exactly what people want to…

Laura Hildebrand – Unbroken
Uncategorized / March 18, 2017

So am I broken, or did I just not get it? Louis Zamperini was an amazing guy, and his story is truly remarkable. Nevertheless, in my opinion, this book would never make a bestseller, let alone a top 100 list, if readers were a bit more demanding. Don’t get me wrong. Laura did a wonderful job and spent a lot of time collecting information about the typical American hero. And she put it quite nicely (though it could be done better), and some passages, like when Louis encounters a moment of magic and revelation on the ocean, which (he believed) was a sign from God, you may struggle to hold back the tears. Nevertheless, I can’t avoid thinking that the book is excessively long, and many part are boring. And there’s something more why I just don’t like it.   Childhood and lot of useless information You can definitely get bored to death until the action starts. I’m in no way interested in a child of an American kid, how he stole stuff, made problems in school, and all the rest. Then his athletic career, which makes somehow sense, but could be easily crammed in one page instead of twenty….

Joseph Conrad – Lord Jim
Uncategorized / March 8, 2017

A Lord he was, indeed, with capital L. I’m no great fan of sailors, and never boarded a ship in my life. Yet Conrad managed to get me involved in his amazing story full of crazy characters. You can’t help thinking Conrad had met most of his book heroes in the early years of his life, when he worked on board various ships. Either he had met them, or you have an honor to read a book from a creative genius, hardly matched in British literature….   Racism, colonialism, and other messages Conrad doesn’t moralize in his book. He neither tells us what he thinks about the colonization of the Archipelago, nor elaborate on the relations of sailors belonging to various nationalities, on the racism, idealism, and all kind of other stuff a smart reader finds in his book while reading in between the lines. Instead of making direct statement and conclusions, Joseph hides the important messages in funny dialogues of his protagonists. Dialogues that seems funny on the first read, but are actually dead serious. The book will make you think, though whether it was Conrad intention remains a mystery to me.   Idealistic heroes and geography The vast…