Michael Newton – Journey of Souls

March 30, 2017

The success Newton achieved with his book tells us a lot about human nature, about our basic desires and fears.

We are all afraid of death, hoping something else will follow once the worms eat our body. Christians and Muslims go for a place called Heaven, where they’ll strive and enjoy the perfect state of existence for ever and ever. While their teachings still gain popularity in many parts of the world, in developed countries they rather lose their positions and power.

Nevertheless, even the most firm atheists wish (though they may never admit it) that death wouldn’t mark the end of their existence. Then there are many seekers, or people who just don’t know what’s going to happen, and the agnostics…. We all have something in common–we hope that our life here is pursued by something else. And clever guys like Michael Newton turn our basic desire to a money-making business.


Book of fairy-tales, lacking any substantial studies

Newton book is nothing more than a collection of his personal opinions. You won’t find other materials to support his claims of ‘soul qualification’, and how they return to Earth ever again. But he writes exactly what people want to read–regardless of the life you live now (whether a saint or a criminal), you’ll get another chance. Chance to live again, chance to improve on what you have done. You’ll never be gone! Ah, ah ah!


No talent but trump in the sleeve

The book is boring, and you’ll soon know what will follow in the next chapter. Newton returns to the very same thing time and again, trying to convince us of his ridiculous theory. But that’s all he’s doing in the book–trying to convince. Maybe if he was a more talented writer–which he is not, he may succeed to convince more people, including old freaks like me.

He still succeeds to get many followers, however, and had his book translated into many different languages. All of that has happened for one simple reason–our desire to live forever, to exist forever. People like to read works of art that either confirm their existing opinion on something (hence the success of so many poorly written Christian books), or books that give them hope. They look for promises of getting better, hope of surviving, hope of living forever. You believe what you want to believe. As simple as that.

Newton is neither a scientist nor a writer. But he’s a psychologist, and a great businessman. He understand where the money lies, and he doesn’t hesitate to eat his fraction of the pie.


Recommended readers

It’s a simple task for me with Newton. Basically, I do not recommend this book to anyone. Hell, wait a minute. If you want to try out what it means to waste a day reading something that makes no sense, go for the Journey of Souls!

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