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March 8, 2017

So, my little darling indie publisher. You’d like to have your book reviewed on my perfect blog? I’d like many things too! But nothing comes free in this world, does it my friend?

Since I love reading, all you have to do to motivate me review your book is the following:

  1. Write something that’s worth reading. It takes me two days in average to finish a book, and you rather ensure I won’t waste those two days with some garbage work of art!
  2. Fill the form below, and write some nice message for me. Try to describe why I should read your book, why it’s better than the other titles, why you want to have a review on this blog that nobody reads!
  3. Wait for a few days, few weeks, and for a few months. If you are either lucky or very beautiful, I may review your book in  a flash.
  4. Alternatively you can donate $50 to any charity that deals with prisoners or refugees, and send me the confirmation of your donation together with the book. In such a case, I promise to do the review within one month.

As you already noticed, I am a crazy guy. Don’t expect me to write a normal review, or a negative one. I just write for fun, not trying to get any recognition, or money. Please keep it in mind before addressing me with your request. Thank you,


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