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March 8, 2017

Random Lady

A nice picture, isn’t it? But it’s not me on the picture :). You didn’t expect it to be me, did you?

I’m just an old guy who loves to read old books and rides even an older bike. Nobody would be interested to see my face, so I rather opted for uploading this young lady. I found her picture by an accident, and she would suddenly not accept my date offer. It’s more pleasure looking at her than it would be looking at me anyway, so enjoy the moment of beauty!



Who’s Carlo?

I don’t know how my friends would characterize me, since I have no friends. Or, said more precisely, I don’t keep in touch with anyone. All I could do was writing my biassed opinion about the old dude who’s writing these stupid lines of text. Let’s use bullets to make it simple:

  • A very very old guy. You likely don’t know an older dude who’s familiar with the internet, and can still read a book.
  • Former refugee and prisoner – which kind of explains my choice of titles on this website, or at least it should justify the choice should you find it irritating, looking for other genres.
  • Father of many children, not knowing a single one of them. I had quite a wild past–and such past sometimes leave you underhanded  and deserted in your soul. That’s exactly what had happened to me. Nevertheless, there are certainly some children in Asia and Africa that bear my genes. But they don’t bear my name though.
  • A fanatic cyclist. I cycled everywhere, and been nowhere. If you don’t know how that’s possible than you never cycled yourself.
  • Avid book reader. I can read and read and read. Imagining the stories makes me feel still alive, still young. I love to travel with the heroes, standing in their shoes, making love to women they make love to. Sometimes I get so deeply involved in the story that it actually turns reality!
  • Tennis fan. I never hit a single ball with a racket. Or at least I don’t remember doing so–I am an old guy after all and can afford forgetting things I’d done…. But for some reason I like the game and watch matches every night. Especially between 2am and 4am. My favorite players are Roger Federer and Tsvetlana Pironkova. I’d love to date that one….
  • Your neighbor. It doesn’t matter where you live, be sure I’m lucking somewhere near. Say hello to me the next time we meet in the street!
  • A guy deadly serious about everything.

You may take this blog as a joke. But whether it is a joke or not, I won’t tell you 🙂

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